He was over-focused

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The post below is a copy/paste of the text riff i went on…

This 29-year old leader, parent, entrepreneur is smart. He downloaded all 100 If Disney Ran Your Life podcast episodes as each one was released weekly – two-years worth. Now episodes 96-100 are the only ones publicly available. But not for this over-focused young man.

Here’s the feedback riff…

To my ear you are leveling up.

The insight is THE most important.

Tactics may ebb and flow depending on a bunch of core milestones….

Relationship status
Job experience
Leadership experience
Education (self-directed) (books, videos, podcasts, conversations)
Personal development
Vision (which may not be a thing for most of humanity)
Risk tolerance
Spiritual beliefs
Physical well-being
Current career
Home organization
Etc, etc

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