Why reinforcing your attitude is critical to success

the upside with travel? reaching more people.

It’s as obvious as the law of… an object in motion tends to stay in motion. An attitude that always looks for the upside, the blessing, the opportunity – will tend to always look for the upside, the blessing, the opportunity.

An object at rest tends to stay at rest. An attitude that complains, is bitter, sees only problems – will tend to repeat itself. Obvious, right?

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  1. I have gotten into the habit of asking one of my direct reports if their statement is a complaint or an observation. On the surface it seems they arexalways complaining. I’m trying to help them see the positive in each situation so they can build up instead of tear down.

    Great point! 🙂

  2. David, good glorious Sunday morning to ya. Hope you got some sleep.
    When faced with similar challenges like the one you describe, I’ve found experimenting with different ways, in addition to the tried and true, almost always leads to a discovery – a better way to reach someone – and starts the transformation process for the “complainer”.

  3. That’s part of the reason why I ask the question the way I do. I asked 5 times in one day recently and for the rest of that day while we were together, the complaints stopped. There was a brief epiphany that came to their awareness the next day. I am hopeful it will lead to a better outlook on their part and a better way for me to encourage the complainer.

    Maybe I need to encourage more. I could probably not get to a point where I do it too much.

  4. David, maybe what you need is the combination of both. The ratio will ebb and flow, as you discover your strengths and match that to what people need.

  5. David, you’re welcome.
    You know, it takes one to know one.
    Thanks for your encouragement also.
    The beauty in writing (even in comments) is that you can hear the echoes in your soul long after the words have been written and reread.

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