The tragedy these young people never saw coming

giving up on dreams
giving up on dreams

A reality we never see coming is this – reaching midlife and realizing we’ve been living our lives based on what we’re gonna do.

At last night’s 35th high school reunion, the invocation included a harsh reality that time and opportunity wait for no one. No one. No. One.

Which begs the question, is time or money more valuable?

By jeff noel

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  1. I doubt anyone ever lay on their death bed wishing they had just a little more money. Money can buy a lot of things, but no amount of gold can buy time. Sadly, sometimes we have to reach mid-life before we “get it.”

  2. Carole, great to have you visit.

    Love your website by the way. And the “He said, She said” quote about winking in the dark is brilliant.

    The great news, the celebration, is we can reThink – rePrioritize – reCommit in our second half, and blow the roof off mediocrity and regret.

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