It’s not a race, is it?

Wild Goose Island
Wild Goose Island, early evening.


Wild Goose Island
Could i have spent more time here? Sure. Could i have spent less? Absolutely.


Wild Goose Island
She’s from Japan.


Disney characters at Glacier National Park
She followed my lead and got on her belly to get a better angle.


Disney Speaker
Pausing to create some Magic for others (and myself).


It’s not a race is it?


Your life.


To the graveyard.

A busy person has little (or no) time to perceive time’s passage.

This is why we receive (if we’re lucky)  a wakeup call that shakes our core.

Finally getting out attention.


• rethink  • reprioritize  • recommit


Buy more time by cultivating peace of mind.

Cultivate peace of mind by doing the three transformational steps.

Some new and unique leadership thoughts are being cultivated on this trip.

Stuff i hoped for but couldn’t explain back in Orlando.


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