Attitude app

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What if there was an app that measured, managed, and enhanced our attitude?


Yesterday at the end of a seven-mile run, a neighbor and i spent some time catching up. His son, 18, had left just minutes before to drive by himself to Philadelphia. My neighbor is a Spanish-speaking Pastor. i could sense his parental distress from the reality of his son leaving the nest.

Another neighbor, retired, drove up and through the passenger side window, asked me if i had heard of the WAZE app. It tells you where speed traps are set up and where there are red-light enforcement cameras, etc.

i was so astonished that people would even need such an app. If you drive the speed limit (and why wouldn’t you) and respect traffic light rules of engagement, then the app is worthless.

You can also say to Siri, “Check traffic” and you have an instant, up to date report, in seconds.

Caught myself sounding a bit self-righteous and reminded my neighbor to please keep sharing his discoveries, even though i have no use for WAZE.




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