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This is how it is presented (yesterday) for final approval before any concrete can be poured. Honestly, this is pathetic.
6-second video: The power of a short, dated video to capture what people say they’re gonna do and what they actually do. Accountability ought to be built into a company’s DNA. Yet some companies are clueless.
Concrete driveway prep work
Remarkably different. Why wasn’t it presented this way yesterday? It was, after all, for final review with Orange County and the homeowner.
15-second video: Why is the homeowner, a complete and utter novice at the industry, suggesting to the pros that they aren’t even close to being at a professional standard?

Never let your standards nor your work be pathetic.


Orange County hires RMS as the project management team. RMS hires Mousa’s company to frame and pour the concrete. Three parties teaming together with tax-payer dollars to do great work as a service to the tax-payers. A busy world infects good people with low bandwidth for excellence — classic “good enough for government work”. Sadly, not even this low standard is achievable, even on their second chance to provide excellent service recovery.

Here’s a 2019 RMS contract with Orange County Florida.

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