I go catching

Glacier National Park
Glacier National Park (GNP).

Nope, i love to catch.

Randy Austin

Randy was the guy behind the desk at Muffler Man on South Orange Blossom Trail. The manager, i would come to find out later. He checked me in, took the car keys, and invited me to get comfortable in the small waiting lobby.

As minutes turned to an hour-plus, i got up and walked around the lobby and examined the dozens of photos, displayed on a half-dozen poster frames. When i say examined, i started to discern that all these fishing trips and assorted deep-sea trophy fish photos were with the same fisherman.

The reason this was initially challenging is because i didn’t realize it was the same person. There seemed to be a couple decades of fishing trips and the main character looked different over the years, yet the same enough to eventually realize it was one person – the same person – in every picture.

And then the wow.

The guy in the photos is the guy who took my keys.

Excitedly, i approached the car repair shop counter and pronounced, “Dude, you love to fish!”

Randy said, nope, I love to catch. I don’t go fishing. I go catching.

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