Authenticity as currency

Three men In the mountains
Closed eyes, bright sun. Ahkil and Djuan loved the Glacier i shared with them. Such a joy to see others feel the splendid wonder of the wild.

Roughly a dozen years ago when Mid Life Celebration, LLC was incorporated (2009), was inspired to write…

Authenticity is the new currency.

Now, 13 years later, inspired to write…

Authenticity as currency.

Authenticity is not new.

Authenticity is the new currency” felt new in 2009.

Yet’s it’s been around “forever”.

There are people who use authenticity as a currency. They base their personal and professional brands on being authentic. (i aspire to be one of those people)

They don’t need to tell you they are bold and .think .differently

You figure it out for yourself simply by listening to them, and, especially by watching them.

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