A favorite mental Holiday memory from childhood

holiday magic

There are oceans of memories in every person’s heart. So many, we can’t fathom them all.

Mom always went all out to make Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays come alive with a magic sense of optimism. Every Christmas Eve was her annual open house, full of family and friends. It is a favorite Holiday memory.

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  1. Jeff,

    Memories are some of the most precious things we can hold on to – to remind us of the past and to pass along to the next generations. Your memories sound similar to mine growing up as well.


  2. Bob, it’s amazing how the brain works to preserve the good and sift away the bad. Maybe it’s because time heals our pains, and wisdom softens our worries.

  3. just catching up & came across this one, just commented on Randys FB about those old, but great times, remembering you kids on the stairs and Leon leading your carol singing.I always hope old friends & family think of me at this time of year.

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