Miss you guys

Missing Randy and Steve today.

Will get to why shortly.

When you retire from Carnegie Mellon University, you get to give one last lecture.

Randy Pausch retired in 2007 and gave his final lecture.

A New York Times journalist, Jeffrey Zaslow, published the highlights. A You Tube video of the same lecture later went viral.

Randy retired because his days were numbered.

Watching the video in the Fall of 2007 helped change my life.

And a few days ago, stumbled upon this 1997 Apple confidential video. At the time it was recorded, Steve had been back for about two months.

Steve is speaking to Apple’s internal leadership team. He shared his vision.

The video is 16 minutes. Sorry. Sometimes, there are things we cannot afford to miss. This is one of them.

Backstory for where this is going: Agreed to meet a potential client at Columbia Harbor House at Magic Kingdom during Spring Break. Tables are at a premium during Spring break. I arrived early to pick out a table in a quiet spot. He was running late so i decided to eat lunch without him.

When he finally arrived he asked, “What are you really good at? Think about it while go order lunch.”

“I’m really good at thinking differently”, was the spontaneous reply. He had not even pushed his chair in and he had the answer.

He asked a question all of us should be able to answer instantaneously.

Can you? Right now? Like you were talking to a CEO who can green light a big contract?

One of the main points Steve covered was Apple’s new marketing campaign.


Remember, the video is old. It will be temping to get frustrated midway when the audio isn’t synched with his lips. Go with it.



Today, July 25, Randy has been gone eight years.

Thank you Randy and Steve.

Some people’s lives have been transformed by the inspiration you two created.

Miss you guys.

PS. Went to the “big meeting” in cut-off jeans and a tee-shirt.

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