A stone in your hand beats an insidious habit

Tijuana Flats
Home kitchen vs restaurant. Photo: Last night at the brand new Tijuana Flats near home. The portions are bigger than Chipotle and Qdoba.


Our mindset can be blind to the same questionable behaviors we easily identify in others…

This Mid Life Celebration post (about the chicken and pig commitment to breakfast) from two days ago prompted a brief conversation which included the following:

Eric:   …I think bacon cooks better in the oven.

me:   Probably…1 button and 3 minutes later…

Eric:   …oh yes the instant gratification generation

me:   Car vs horse, internet vs book, ovens vs fires, farming vs grocery store, Amazon vs main street…be careful in a glass house when you have a stone in your hand. 😁

It was fun to .think .differently


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