The Key to Living and Letting Go, By Valaney Martin, Guest Blogger

The Key to Living and Letting Go

Life is supposed to be simple. It’s the human interaction and over-emphasis on material things that make it complicated. If you want to have a semblance of order in your life, you have to take control and make change happen. You will have to start somewhere and the more things you wrap up and deal with, the easier and more enjoyable life will be.

  • A cluttered closet, cupboard, or cabinet is definitely an eyesore. What most of us don’t notice is that it can also be a stress trigger. Imagine all the time you wasted looking for a missing sock or a matching tea service. This is aggravation that is unnecessary and absolutely avoidable. Address this problem by allotting some time for spring cleaning. Let go of the things you don’t use and you will feel instantly refreshed.
  • If you can’t deal with all the clutter in one go, at least schedule several weekends for it. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself if you have used an item within the past year. If you answered “no”, then there’s a big chance that you can live without it. Avoid falling into the I-might-need-it-later trap. Dispose of the clutter by simply throwing it away or you can earn a tidy sum via a garage sale. Or you can go the charitable route and feel even better by donating it all.
  • Let go of your financial burdens by managing your debt. The practice of revolving is not new and studies show that the average age of consumers’ oldest obligation is 14 years old. This is an indication that a lot of people have been managing debt for a long time. Now, factor in the average interest rate and the average amount of debt carried. People can conceivably buy a nice car with the interest they have been paying all those years.
  • Stop the vicious cycle of credit card debt and start living within your means. Now don’t go overboard and cancel all your credit cards. You may be surprised to know that having no credit is just as bad as having bad credit. You still need proof of your financial integrity and having a good credit score is the most surefire way.
  • The best approach to gaining financial freedom would be to use your credit cards responsibly. Dealing with cash can be risky for bigger purchases and a credit card can be a great source of emergency funds. That’s why it is still a good idea to maintain a credit card or two. Treat them like debit cards and only buy things that you can afford to buy in cash. Don’t forget the most important part and pay off all debts at the end of each month. You get the convenience without the burden of debt. A win-win strategy of letting go.
  • Letting go of material things should be the easiest. The hard part is letting go of personal baggage and moving on. We tend to hang on to things because of fear. More specifically, fear of the unknown. We have grown so accustomed to living a routine that we prefer to stick to it even if the status quo is draining us. This advise is easier said than done, but the ultimate solution is really simple. Letting go will set you free.

Valaney Martin is a blogger at CreditDonkey.  She enjoys writing inspirational post and reminds you the above tips are in no way a comprehensive list. Letting go and moving on is a very personal matter and all of us have different issues that we need to deal with. These tips are meant to get the ball rolling with the small things. Because it’s easier to start small and work your way up. Whatever you decide on doing, you will be glad you took yourself out of the rut you are in and started fresh.

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