Self protection, by Lorie Sheffer, Guest blogger

hypocritical people are everywhere and no one is immune
Self protection… (photo: Lorie Sheffer)

There are times when it is almost impossible not to see the irony in a situation.

I saw their photograph on the front page of my local newspaper. In the photo, an extremely long line, overwhelming male, standing in wait to enter a large gun show at a nearby venue. Because of recent national headlines, many of these men were interviewed as they stood in wait for the doors to open. Every one who was interviewed said they bought guns for self defense; they bought them for protection. I looked closely at this photo, and saw that many of them were more than slightly overweight, and many were smoking.

I am not writing this to voice my opinion on The Second Amendment or of the laws surrounding this issue. What I am scratching my head over is the fact that “homicide” is #15 on the list of causes of death in the United States. The number one cause is “heart disease”, followed by “cancer”, “stroke”, “lung disease”, “accident” and “diabetes”.

Certainly these men were all going to stop on the way home for a nicotine patch to aid in the cessation of their cigarette habit, go home for a meal of grilled fish with a side of leafy greens and a fresh fruit plate for dessert, and hit the sack early so they could get up early the next morning and go wait in line to sign up for their new gym membership. Or go for a long walk. Or ski or swim or play a game of pick up basketball with other men they met in line at the gun show.  Isn’t that what everyone does who is concerned about self-protection?


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