Guest blogger Lorie Sheffer: The common good

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It takes a village (photo: Lorie Sheffer)


It’s really not that difficult to find something to appreciate. Gratitude is good for our souls. Studies have shown that living a life of gratitude can make us happier people.

When we walk into a public restroom, we expect it to be clean. We expect there to be soap in the dispenser and paper on the roll. Someone has to do that for us.

When we go out for a meal we expect to be served food. Someone has to process it; someone has to drive it, via truck, to the restaurant. Someone has to prepare it, someone has to clean the restaurant, and someone has to make out the work schedules for the employees they had to hire. Someone had to come build the actual structure. People work to come up with the menu, and then they send it out for someone to print. Someone even had to fell the trees that were trucked to the paper plant to make the paper on which to print the food selections.

There are some jobs that are held in higher regard than others. But can you imagine if the surgical team (someone had to educate them) who is doing, say, a heart transplant, had to first design and build the hospital, design and manufacture their equipment, disinfect the operating room, launder the sheets, transport the patient, make sure the post-op room was clean and waiting and then farm and prepare their meals during their recovery? Every job is an important piece of the whole picture.

If we stop to think about all of the people who are involved in everything we do in our daily lives, it’s easy to feel a sense of gratitude.

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