Guest Blogger Lorie Sheffer: Don’t worry, be happy

Small snowman placed in oven
Piss off Frosty…Don’t worry, be happy. (photo: Lorie Sheffer)


Last week I posted a photo of a miniature snowman being melted in my oven, captioned “Piss off, Frosty!” as a way to say I am ready for spring. (Our snow blower had broken mid storm that day.) That got more likes than almost anything I have ever posted, and the comments were all laughter and humor.

I also posted a story about a mysterious water puddle in my basement and my husband’s and my search for the source. That one ended with him flushing the powder room toilet upstairs, while water rained down on my face as I was looking up at the basement ceiling. Again, lots of “likes” and laughs from my friends.

Then I took note of the people who posted their little challenges as full-blown, stress inducing complaints. Sure enough, the comments were all friends joining in the outrage. These were life shattering catastrophes like not enough foam on top of their latte and the “stupid idiot working the drive thru window forgetting the ketchup packets for my French fries!”  I almost expected to see an angry, torch-bearing mob marching through the snow in the direction of the golden arches.

Lesson learned: Anger and frustration are contagious. But so is humor. It’s all in how we choose to spin life’s little challenges.

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