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Antique chair


(photo Lorie Sheffer: The rocking chair ‘Grandpa Sheffer used to rock Lorie’s husband, Gary, to sleep in as a baby.)

Retirement. Gone are the days when that word meant a gold watch and a rocking chair on the porch. (Although there’s something to be said for both of those things!) Now, retirement means opening a new chapter full of possibility. It can also mean reclaiming the things that made being a carefree kid so wonderful.

Jeff, I wish for you and the rest of our generation who are looking toward The Big “R” all of the joys of being a kid. To get you started, here is a list of suggestions. Please feel free to add as you wish.

-Spend a weekday in your pajamas watching old movies or TV Land favorites. Popcorn and soda are allowed. Shoes are not.

-Go shoot some hoops at your local park. Weekdays, you’ll have the place to yourself!

-Avoid the lines and go see that movie MIDWEEK that just HAS to be seen in the theater. (While you’re there, take advantage of the discount you’re now entitled to!)

-Plan to spend an entire day floating on a raft in the pool. This experience is greatly enhanced if you eat popsicles and crank up your favorite music. (Everyone else will be at work, so hit the volume as hard as you want)

-If you live near a ski area, go midweek. NO lift lines, nobody skiing out of control and into your path, no endless trek across a crowded parking lot, PLUS you get a midweek discount.

-Take a nap. Just because you can.

-Go on a field trip! If you time your journey around all of those poor SOBs heading off to work, you’ll have almost no traffic to contend with!

-Two words: Amusement Park.

-Enjoy that snowstorm. Because guess what? You can clear out the driveway in the afternoon! No need to rush out there so you’re not late for work, so you may as well make a big mug of REAL cocoa and watch the flakes fall. If you happen to have a sled…

Sure, there are still adult responsibilities, and sure you still may want to do some work on your OWN TIME. But there is also that wonderful chance to rediscover what all of that hard work was really for. Enjoy! And Congratulations!

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