Guest blogger Lorie Sheffer: Balance

Work life balance


(photo Lorie Sheffer: Is it possible to have balance in a busy, demanding, distracting world?)

We live in a society that rewards hard work. We see those with type A personalities as successful and admirable. Advertisers use high priced cars and expensive watches and huge homes as trophies. Our children are encouraged to take on as many extracurricular activities as possible, not be satisfied with less than stellar grades and set their sights on top notch colleges. Only the best is good enough. Anyone caught sitting around doing nothing will be slapped with a “LAZY” label.

While hard work and setting goals is good, where is the balance? The last time I was at the beach I remember seeing a man having a business conversation on his cell phone while his wife was running around trying to keep their 3 small children from throwing sand in people’s faces and from running into the surf. Good provider or future heart attack patient?

There has got to be balance. There has got to be down time. If we can’t turn it off and sit back and just enjoy life, then what is all the hard work for to begin with?

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