Guest Blogger Lorie Sheffer: An easy 75 extra minutes

Tire and sneakers
Photo: Lorie Sheffer


A friend asked me if I would please pick up her mail and newspaper while she was away from home. On day one of my weeklong task I went out of my door, car keys in hand. She lives in the neighborhood adjacent to my own. As I turned the key in the ignition, it hit me: WHY am I driving when I could walk? Sunny day, low humidity, comfortable temperature. Driving is something most of us who live in rural or suburban areas rely on, and rightfully so. While it would be possible for me to walk to the nearest grocery store, it would be next to impossible to drag home what I’d purchased. I legitimately do need a car for most errands. So has heading out the door with keys in hand become a habit? Something I don’t even think about? Probably.

In the time my friend was away, I logged in an extra hour and 15 minutes of physical activity. It took me 15 minutes to walk to her house and back. All because I stopped to think if taking the car was really necessary.

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