Those adults and their devices

Wild Goose Island
Arrival day for Glacier 2018 trip 5.


Wild Goose Island
All i did in this photo was smile a little wider and raise the eyebrows enough to crease the forehead. Same people, same location, different energy. Our attitude and thinking can be slightly tweaked too – with similarly and remarkably different energy.


Family room.



Restaurant with sports bar.

Big screen TVs.

The other night at The Big Easy i scanned the restaurant and island bar.

Nothing but older (40+) white men at the bar.

All of them staring at their devices – the big screen TVs with Sunday Pro Football games.

Please think twice before negatively stereotyping teens as being sucked up in their devices.

Think of the 1950’s, 60’s, and 70’s stereotypes of a dad at the breakfast table reading the newspaper while mom cooked breakfast and got the kids ready for their day. The newspaper was the “screen” back then.


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