The early bird gets the worm

Grinnell Glacier overlook. 
Had the place to ourselves. 
We are 7,553’ above sea level. 

There are rewards and risks for being earlier than the rest. 

This is an elusive habit for many. 

Only “early birds” know the rewards. Only early birds manage the risks. 

Being early is a great habit and ritual. The risks revolve around giving up nighttime TV and drinking with friends, etc.  

Forty years i resisted being a morning person. 

Teaching at Disney Institute from 1999-2014 required me to become a morning person. 

To say my life changed is a huge understatement. 

Back to yesterday…

We were gone nearly three hours and didn’t see a soul. 

But, we did get to see our own. 

•  •  •  •  •

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