The Garmin Satellite GPS device reads 9,156′ above sea level. This is significant.

Four years ago i crossed Rim-Rock, this is 12-mile Highline Trail’s steep starting section with a narrow path and a 400-meter long reinforced cable for hand-holding.

Our Son and i wanted to do a dry-run and see how scary it would be. Cheryl stayed at Logan Pass with a good book.

It was 7:00 PM in July, so there were three hours of light remaining.

Our section would only take 10 minutes one-way from the parking lot.

With both hands tightly grasping the cable, i made it across what i deemed terrifying.

So terrifying in fact, that i was unable to return the same way.

With 11.5 miles to get to the other end, it would likely be 2:00 AM until we could traverse the trail to safely exit at The Loop.

At 1:00 AM, however, there are no shuttles, nor is there cell service to let Cheryl know what happened.

She’d panic (rightfully so) if we didn’t return.

i mustered the courage to walk back the narrow 400-meter trail.

i had to.

There was no other option.

Yesterday was a culmination of slow and steady progress, and the official self-proclaimed designation, overcomer.

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