From Gunsight to Citadel

Citadel Cabin view
Djuan walked from Gunsight Cabin (up the stairs in photo, bottom right corner), while Michael and i drove 15 seconds around the driveway, to get to our new Cabin, The Citadel.


The Cottages at Glacier views
1110am, from Citadel Cabin’s deck.


The Cottages at Glacier views
Zooming in from Citadel deck.


The Cottages at Glacier views
Team photo from Citadel Cabin’s deck.


From Gunsight to Citadel.

After 45 years of visits, The Cottages at Glacier could be a new Glacier National Park favorite accommodation.

Technically not inside Park boundaries, The Cottages at Glacier are so close, it’s like being inside the boundary.


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