Happy Present Easter 2022

Mountain landscape
Mars? With snow?

Writing prolifically is uncharted territory.

A wilderness that sometimes (more like rarely) feels more like Mars than Earth.

Mostly Earth.

Like 99.79% of the time.

That’s about 4,790 days out of 4,800.

Or, on Mars, about 10 days out of 4,800.

Prior to last week, only three times have i thought, “Is it time to stop writing?”

Then last week, seven days in a row.

Ten days, so only three times before last week – or about once every 4.5 years the question comes up, “Time to quit writing?”

Point zero-zero-zero-six-five percent (0.00065%) (3 divided by 4,800 = .00065)


The past week has been seven of those ten days on Mars.

Is it time to stop writing?

Why stop?

What about the streak?

What about 4,800 consecutive days of routine?

What about contribution?

What about the trail?

No one reading this will be able to relate to what i think, say, or do from writing 24,000+ blog posts.

Two hours a day.

Day after day.

Month after month.

Year after year.


Profound self-discovered insights.



And on rare occasions, aliens.

Like, “Maybe it’s time to stop blogging.”

•  •  •  •  •

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By jeff noel

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