It’s starting (again) and it’s so predictable (again)

Disney Institute motivational speakers
Leaving Washington State in 1984, we moved to Orlando to carve out a life at Disney.


It’s starting (again) and it’s so predictable (again).

What can we do differently this year, assuming the odds are we have never been able to make the change we’ve set out to accomplish?


Pathetic isn’t it?

Years, decades even, of pathetic self-talk.

That’s when i received the gift.

And you can too.

The gift of feeling like a hypocrite – and i mean deeply, painfully feeling it. So painful i couldn’t stand it anymore. Only to fail again. Until one year…

The only antidote is to get so emotionally pissed off that you rise above your past and slay your demonic, self-defeating internal dialogue.




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