Do the math, he’s living without margin

Florida living
Last night, a 30 minute bike ride.


When he does the math it doesn’t add up. He’s living without margin. This, coming from of all people, a high school math teacher.

It was a parent/teacher conference a week or so after the official date. i love that the teacher’s are flexible to do whatever it takes.

i had no academic issues to discuss so i went straight to the small talk and “where are you from” kinda stuff. His candor was delightfully tension reducing. Honest, open, vulnerable – trust’s main ingredients.

PS. We all struggle with finding margin in our lives. Margin is defined as breathing room in our day to day responsibilities. Case in point, i can’t remember the last time i got eight hours of sleep in a single night.




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  1. I just wanted to thank you for writing your blogs. They have become something I look forward to reading, as they often bring me back to living in the moment, while planning for tomorrow.

    Thanks again, your efforts are having an impact in my life.



  2. Thank you Todd. Nice to meet you. And thank you for sharing that you often find the writing helpful.

    If you enjoy thought-provoking reading, next time you’re on Amazon, type Mid Life Celebration (3 words). Such a small cost for such a potentially large opportunity.

    Peace and blessings.

  3. If I may, welcome to the “comment community”. I have been reading all five blogs for almost 6 years and still look forward to them every morning.

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