RIP common sense

Orlando Eye
Last night from the restaurant, in the distance, the Orlando Eye. Common sense tells us to look to the horizon (future). Almost imperceptible.


Orlando Eye
Common sense tells us to focus, take a closer look, and be thankful.


Culture is the most powerful tool we have to change behavior.

Personally and professionally.

Let’s focus on personally right now.

All our life we are selfishly robbing from common sense, which insidiously erodes our standards.

Common sense can’t reason with excuses, distractions, or fear.

Because of this inability to reason, excuses, distractions, and fear easily outsmart common sense.

In our efforts to find shortcuts to save time and or money, and to avoid pain or embarrassment, we take creative (and what appears to be innocent) shortcuts.

What we accept by default becomes our standard.

RIP common sense.

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