No talking please

culture quote by Disney Keynote Speaker Jeff Noel
Battle cry. Business partner. Truth. Call it what works for you.

Don’t talk about a positive attitude, simply be consistently positive.


Today’s quotes need context. Picture a person (i pictured my younger, pre-40-year old self) who constantly thinks about and secretly wishes for personal transformation.

Picture this same person lacking deep motivation to change. Why? Because change is work, discomfort, proficiency digression.

Nobody willingly signs up for that.


It’s acceptable to make a general human-trait stereotype: We hate change, we are creatures of habit, and finally, we are excellent procrastinators.


Yes, fair.

Now envision a reverse stereotype: We love change, we are creatures of habit, we are excellent initiators.

Notice the middle trait doesn’t change.

We will always be creatures of habit.

Become the positive stereotype simply by habitually (daily) becoming the positive stereotype.

Here’s life’s ultimatum…

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Have fun today.

.think .differently

Lean into discomfort.

Taste it.

Taste being comfortable being uncomfortable.

Every day.

All day.

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