i’d really like to see GNP dusted with snow before i die

Going to the Sun Road
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How do we overcome the noise (real and imaginary) from others when our way of thinking and doing goes against conventional and traditional thinking and doing?

Since returning from Glacier with Howard two weeks ago, i’ve been crafting a return trip before October 1, when Logan Pass Visitor Center closes for 2017.

Two other factors creating a sense of urgency include Going to the Sun Road closing Eastbound from Apgar on October 9 for construction. Plus a heavier than normal travel schedule through October leaves few options.

Using Capitalone points, i’ll travel September 27-30.

Booked hotel and rental car days after returning, knowing they can be canceled without a fee.

It feels good to commit.

i had waffled almost constantly because airfare kept going up.

It also felt a little selfish.

The tipping point came when i honored the commitment to live like i have until my 60th birthday.

i’d really like to see GNP dusted with snow before i die.

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