How flexible?

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Cinderella Castle, upper right.

How flexible are you?

Last night’s tense situation led to four spontaneous questions. i asked you:

  1. How flexible am i?
  2. How open-minded am i?
  3. How experienced am i?
  4. How forgiving am i?

On all accounts you gave the highest grade, an A.

Then, spontaneously, same questions redirected to you.

On all accounts. you gave yourself C’s and D’s. Average at best, barely passing at worst.

Flexible to go in any direction.

Open minded to consider any insight and perspective.

Experienced, not pontificated theories nor obvious exceptions to life’s rules, from having lived through 62 years of real-time, deep and broad comprehension of history, issues, outcomes, consequences.

Forgiving without conditions. Doing onto others as i would hope to receive.

The key revelation?

Someone who is barely passing in flexibility, open-mindedness, experience, and forgiveness, and on their best days, average, would be wise to humble themselves to appreciate someone who consistently aces deep and broad life comprehension.

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