For ill or good intent

SpaceX rocket lunch smoke plume
SpaceX launch November 2021.

Progress is one of life’s basic human motivators.

Take someone who always exceeds the speed limit. They make progress by finding ever faster ways to travel; speeding, rolling stops at stop signs, passing illegally, running red lights. They do this consciously. The more they do it, the more they justify it in their mind. This was me before fatherhood.

However, speeding (and other illegal, yet time-saving travel decisions) is an unjust activity. Justifying it in your head doesn’t change the longstanding, prevailing law.

This works for people with ill will.

To please themselves, they basically ignore the law. These are the people who attract attention to themselves. The “I’ll do whatever I want” people.

This works in reverse for people with good and decent intentions. The law-abiding citizens. The respectful who care how their behaviors and decisions impact others. These people do their best to think through their actions and the impact it may have outside their personal lives.

Care about other people or don’t care about other people.

Never get bored with the basics.

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