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From an early age, i began looking at things the way few people do.


Children look at things opposite the way adults naturally look. What would happen if adults never lost their childish lens?


Reframed Midlife Crisis as Mid Life Celebration and published a book about it.

Went to the opposite end of the spectrum of going the extra mile and discovered going the extra inch, and did a TED talk in Kuwait about it.

Destroyed the universally accepted belief that balance is a myth by searching where no one looked. Discovered the missing metric that replaces time.

Have written 22,000 (and counting) blog posts and host a podcast about balance. In the podcast, you hear why time is a flawed metric. You also hear the brilliantly simply discovery, and replacement metric, I use.

Note: The official world record for most blog posts by a single author is 17,212. Guinness Book of World Records denied my application because there have a 200-word minimum word count requirement.

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