Artistic gratitude

Book next to Madison Square Garden theater sign
January 2014. New York City.
The side of a Disney Institute van
January 2014. Walt Disney World.
Three men in suits on a stage
January 2014. On Madison Square Garden Theater stage for Super Bowl 48 game day staff training.

Hone your ability to live in constant gratitude and you’ll find it impossible to be unhappy while being grateful. Trust me.


How did i come to start a 13th consecutive year writing two hours everyday without missing a single day? The easy answer is the constant gratitude that daily writing provides.


Note: Today marks the final month of year 12. Expecting deep reflection this month. It snuck up on me. It’s incomprehensible. But will now endeavor – before April Fools Day 2021 – to capture the enormity, and the smallness, of the journey.

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