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Why do we love big, positive news?

New Fiction book rack at bookstore
The world is over loaded with new books


Signed the contract, and paid in advance, for the first book to be published by Christmas.

Also overcame the fear of sending a digital copy of the book to a copy editor.

These things always seemed easy from a distance.

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8 replies on “Why do we love big, positive news?”

Patty, yes… hooray!

Had hoped to be done by Thanksgiving, yet the process, as you know, is arduous and unpredicatable.

Dream impossible dreams.

All the upcoming posts were written (of course) in real time as things unfolded. Have fun seeing it unfold.

And THANK YOU for sharing in the concept of Mid Life Celebration.


This is a big deal – a great accomplishment! I am so happy for you. Yes, I do like being a fly on the wall, watching this transpire!


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