Should this move the needle on our personal satisfaction?

Apple Store Mall at Millenia
Apple Store Mall at Millenia. Yesterday. Is technology making us satisfied?


Does the proliferation of free quotes, insights, inspiration, real-life triumph stories – do any of these things move our needle for personal growth?

And is our growth enough to leave us feeling much more satisfied with our life?

i find this an exceptionally interesting question.


Because i don’t think it’s enough to transform a human being.


i mean, all this stuff, all it does is medicate, distract, and entertain us.

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  1. I don’t think that just the material, alone, does it. But I do believe that it leads to a level deeper, whether that be through social media or commenting, which allows for a means of connection. Obviously it takes time to nurture. But a community may develop – a tribe, if you will, of accountability partners. It gives one the opportunity to surround themselves with like-minded people or those they would strive to emulate.

  2. Craig, thanks for sharing your perspective. In my opinion, the only thing that changes a person is action. Thoughts and talk do not – they are seeds, and they may even germinate, yet the only way to grow and yield a harvest is action.

  3. Absolutely agreed, the action reaps the harvest. The goal isn’t accomplished until some action is taken.
    But, I think thoughts, inspirations, and stories that help a person realize that they, too, could take the action, are helpful and prepare a person for the change.
    It, of course, also very much depends on the relevance to the goal. 🙂

  4. Here’s the thing, eventually, we need to stop waiting. Inspirational stuff can be (and generally is) just a feel good drug that gives us one more day of postponing.

    Things changed when i stopped trying to curate other peoples quotes and started to use my own “quotes”.

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