Five pressing life opportunities and the one fail-proof way to tackle them

White orchids in Sheraton lobby
Waiting in line to check-in, snapped photo, texted flowers to my wife (keep it simple)


Our most pressing life opportunities can be chunked into five major categories:

  1. mental – we think
  2. physical – we move
  3. spiritual – we feel
  4. career – we work
  5. home – we nest (yes nest)

The one fail-proof way to tackle them?

  1. small, bite-sized chunks

Just do one small, good deed in each area, each day.

In one week, that’s 35 good deeds, seven in each category.

In a month, we rack up 150, or 30 deposits each.

The most important aspect is that it’s small enough to get done with minimal effort.

The other key is to do it every single day.

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