Being authentic is usually just a concept for most

quote about strength and weakness
Photo: Screen shot from Facebook yesterday.


Being authentic is usually just a concept for most.

Why the heck is that?

Fear of appearing weak?


It was for me.

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  1. I agree, Patty! It is amazing how people with “noticeable” weaknesses can use that to their advantage for good. I talk this through with my younger son all the time – like me, he is left-handed, and when he was younger, was made to feel that was a handicap by peers and teachers. I remind him of Ehud in the Book of Judges from the Bible, how God used all his weaknesses as a major advantage (one of them being left-handed in a culture who ridiculed left-handed people).

  2. Bob, what about the invisible weaknesses? Both invisible and visible are struggles. It is up to us to decide if they are gifts or curses.

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