Authenticity is the new currency

two “individuals” who think I model integrity… hellbent on not letting them down.


Authenticity is the new currency. This is really a seriously exciting time to be alive. To be in mid life. To have so much wisdom, and yet with so much left to learn.

And then there’s technology. And authenticity. Which one has more power to change the world?

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  1. Jeff,

    I remember recently teaching a class on managerial ethics, and I pointed out that 15 years ago, the top character trait a person wanted his or her leader to have was vision. Now, the top character trait is integrity – a reflection of someone who is authentic. Amazing how in a few years, the goal went from “where are we going” to “how are we going.”


  2. Maybe, Bob, it’s no longer about the destination, but rather the journey that has become the real key to a satisfying work life.

  3. Amazingly, I think what you just said has multiple dimensions, from work to family to spiritual life. 🙂 Have a wonderful day!

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