It’s a leap of faith that personal responsibility will thrive

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Yesterday at the happiest place on Earth.


Are you getting biannual checkups? Doubtful. Midlifer’s are lucky to make a single annual physical a priority, let alone two.


Because we’re busy. Really, really busy.

And in our busy-ness we are often slapped in the face with a much needed reminder.

Like an hour ago.

During our 14 year old’s bi-annual Gastroenterology checkup.

The teen is doing well at self managing his daily medicine. Dr. Erhart reminded all three (Cheryl, Chapin, me) of us that unchecked inflammation increases the odds of colon cancer 20-40 times normal.

Begging asking for donations is one worn-out approach traditional. Offering a compelling and unique product the world will gladly pay good money for is another.

Mid Life Celebration was founded on the second premise – to raise money until a cure is found for Crohn’sand Ulcerative Colitis.

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