How Cool Was That?


Good Monday morning everyone. Not sure where to begin. So many thoughts racing through the cranium. Did you notice it, over the weekend? The change.

How did you remember 9.11?

It will seem trivia to some, and to others, it was major, and, drastic.

And it happened on a day in history that was major and tragic.

September 11.


After nearly 18 months writing 5-blogs-a day, everyday, I stopped, on 911, to pause and reflect.

More on this story tomorrow. Meanwhile, I’m heading over to to write today’s 2nd post.

By jeff noel

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  1. Thanks.
    Clever is a competitive advantage.
    Wait to you hear what day I picked to reach the 3,000th blog post. 🙂
    Hint: It’s no longer October 17.

  2. Also noticed the glaring break. Thought it might have to do with your plug-ins but worried if it did, that you would be freaking :-). No matter what you do on the blog in the future, I am sure it will be interesting even if it is less often. Will be hanging around to see..

  3. So far, the freaking is at bay.
    The plug-ins are actually pretty easy. Like anything else, it’s scary at first but then the more you do it…
    Kind of like driving a stick-shift, eating with chopsticks, or blogging.
    Regarding the break, I chose the day by design.
    Regarding the the day for the 3,000 post, also by design. 🙂

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