At What Cost?

At what cost will we agree to make significant change? This question is based on the painfully obvious assumption that most adults are searching for meaning in at least one, if not all, of these big life choices: Mental Clarity Physical Wellness Spiritual Peace Financial Security What makes this nearly impossible for well-intentioned adults is […]

BODY Top Ten Questions

Things you should know the answers to: 1.  What’s my weight? 2.  What’s my cholesterol? 3.  What’s my blood pressure? 4.  What’s my BMI (body mass index)? 5.  What’s my trigyliceride level? 6.  What’s my resting heart rate? 7.  What do I do for exercise? 8.  How important are my eating habits? 9.  What are […]

Guest Blogger Erika Liodice

“The Juggling Act of Life” By Erika Liodice As we get older, life, it seems, becomes increasingly filled with commitments and responsibilities. Most days I find myself running from one task to the next: eating lunch in my car as I frantically run errands over my lunch break, squeezing in phone calls to family and […]

Mid Life 1980

Mid Life in 1980? Hardly.  I was 21. A senior in college, and a dreamer. There was a movie that shaped the mid life celebration vision.  A mother was videotaping herself while she spoke to her unborn child. She was dying of cancer and would never meet her child. She wanted her child to be […]

Balance Deconstructed

Mind.  Body.  Spirit.  Money.  Otherwise known as Balance. This is the second of two posts today. A double shot! Do you know anyone who epitomizes work-life balance?  I do not.  So I took matters into my own hands and came up with a life-changing model.  It’s ridiculously simple. MIND – Mental Health, Learning, Attitude BODY […]