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Live, Before You Die
Live, Before You Die


December 05, 2010 (a little riff about living live we mean it)…

There’s something very powerful in this for us, if we invest a few minutes now.

Is it safe to assume we once had childhood dreams to do great things?

Do we still remember them, or have we (sadly) abandoned them?

Maybe, just maybe, they’re even bigger and better then when we first dreamt them!

A promise? We’ll either be eternally thankful we found Mid Life Celebration, LLC, or we’ll quickly move on in our endless journey for answers.

This is real life, in real time. No filler. No hype.

It’s common sense that isn’t common practice.

It’s a refreshingly simple way for us to (re)think about our life.

For us to (re)prioritize our life in a more meaningful way.

For us to (re)commit to fulfilling one or more of our most important childhood dreams.

For us to reignite our passion for life.

For us to carpe diem – to seize the day!

For us to quite literally learn to: Live, before you die!

Still interested?

A quick history lesson we’ll appreciate…

The five different website blog posts written everyday are here to serve a little boy in case anything bad ever happens to his dad. A proactive trail so he’ll know what his dad thought about life’s big choices, along with some recommendations from the many mistakes and occasional triumphs.

Funny thing though, as time passed, a Tribe formed at Mid Life Celebration. Stepping up to lead it, for now.

Everyone is welcome to find their place here. It’s a good place, full of encouragement, hope, and dreams. It’s even safe for kids.

Our dreams. Our kid’s dreams. Childhood dreams to do great things.

Dream Big. Get There. Stay There.

We Can. We Will. If We All Work Together.


October 15, 2008

Mid Life Celebration, LLC
Mid Life Celebration, LLC


October 15, 2008…

Trying to live as a humble servant, with the hope of inspiring others by the courage of my own example.  As an older parent of a 10-year old son, my life has slowly been reprioritized.  It has been wonderful and challenging.  And, the biggest joy is that instead of a “mid-life crisis”, I’ve come to discover a “mid-life celebration“.

I am setting out to achieve several “impossible” goals.  It is my hope for you, that you will follow along and be inspired to go after your own “impossible” goals.  The motivation we can both draw from?  The simple fact that we will not live forever.  If we are smart enough and strong enough to quit making excuses, we can leave our world and the people we love in a much better place.

The impossible goals?

1.  Raise enough money find a cure for our son’s Disease.

2.  Live past the age of 60.  No male on my Dad’s side has done this.

3.  Enhance some (dysfunctional) family relationships, before any of us die.

4.  Compete at the 2009 Masters World Championships (Finland). DONE!

5.  Hear the words, “Well done my good and faithful servant”.

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