Why add a layer of sense that makes sense but isn’t common?

change is the only constant
change is the only constant


It doesn’t take a genius to know that common sense makes total sense. But a genius can add a layer of sense that makes sense, but isn’t common.

The measure of intelligence is the ability to change. – Albert Einstein

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Midlife Baby Boomers, Here’s Where Much Of Our Middle Age Stress Comes From

Not a care in the world, except pleasing his master

Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are! – Chinese Proverb

Even a week on Sanibel Island, chasing the island time mantra and it was still challenging to know who I am. These are extraordinary times we live in, with major uncertainty, colossal tension.

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The Midlife Desire We Nurture Is The Desire That Lifts Us Up Or Pulls Us Down

jeff noel has an unusual fondness for signs of any type, this one from a Canadian bank.

I have an irrepressible desire to live till I can be assured that the world is a little better for my having lived in it. – Abraham Lincoln

In life’s simplest essence, we should enjoy thinking, smiling and being grateful. – jeff noel

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Quotista Is Twitter For Quotes, Says Founder Jaana Metsamaa

This never happens to jeff noel (knock on wood), but if it ever happens to you…

Quotista.com is Twitter for quotes

Quotista.com is a social networking site for quote lovers. The idea behind Quotista is to both share and discover interesting content through quotes. If you see a good quote in your home feed from an user with similar interest to yours, you’d be motivated to also read the book or article. Instead of directly linking to a long article on Twitter, you highlight the most relevant part with Quotista browser bookmarklet and share the Quotista link instead.

Quotista emphasises the social experience of quoting – you can follow other users, requote and comment quotes. Quotista is tightly integrated with Facebook and Twitter, using those you can create an account and in the future share your quotations automatically to those networks. If someone comments or likes your quote on Facebook the comment also appears in your quote feed on Quotista.

Quotista was founded during a Garage48.org boot camp event in Estonia in August 2010. The team behind it sees it as a cool quote collection to browse but also as a tool for writers. Next time you’re writing a blog post or creating another Powerpoint presentation, go to Quotista, according to them there really should be a quote for every occasion. Since all the quotes are crowd sourced then most of the quotes are a bit different from your ordinary “50 000 quotes about life” collections. Currently the most popular topics are quotes on inspiration and startups.


* Collect and organise your favourite quotes from any source:
* Books
* Movies
* Blogs and websites
* Music
* Real life
* Follow other Quotistas to discover great new content.
* Requote and one click quote share to Facebook and Twitter.
* Use our browser bookmarklet to share web quotes with an ease.

Founder Jaana emailed me recently and I finally registered today. You can use Facebook or Twitter to register for free. Amazing social platform for quote lovers.

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