What is your heart set upon?

What is your heart set upon?

In a quote, here’s a filter I use:

Before we set our hearts too much upon any thing, let us examine how happy those are who already possess it“. — Francois de La Rochefoucauld

May we all find what we’re looking for.

May we all like what we find.

And most importantly, it would seem, may we all be able to give it away so others may be blessed by it.

Everyday, I’m reminded how blessed I am to be alive. This makes me exceedingly grateful.

Case in point. Today I received a cortisone shot in my left heel. This is one of the most painful types of shots a human can get.

I told Dr. Curtis Wagner that I was thankful to have a foot to get a shot in. I know several people who are missing one or both of their feet.

What would they give to feel that aweful pain?

Probably everything.

My heart is set upon good health, in four key Mid-Life areas: Mind, Body, Spirit and Money.

My wife’s 94-year old Grammy used to say, “Health is Wealth“!

Words to live by and a goal to set our heart upon.

Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂


The Greatest Blessings of Mankind?

The greatest blessings of mankind?

“The great blessings of mankind are within us, and within our reach; but we shut our eyes and, like people in the dark, fall short of the very thing we search for without finding it”. — Seneca

For me, the greatest blessing of mankind is about two weeks away.

In America, we mostly celebrate it with colored eggs, chocolate bunnys and marshmellow peeps, because, “that’s the way we’ve always done it”.

It’s as if we are in the dark to the true “reason for the season”.

When we stop chasing it, I’m convinced, peace, joy and love will find us.

Very often though, I forget my own advice and have to question things, and start all over.

Today, I promise to be present.

I’ll leave a light on for you too.

Make it a “bright” day, and see all the simple blessings at your feet, and all around you. They’re there everyday, if we only had eyes to see…..carpe diem, jeff 🙂


Mid Life Gratitude

What is mid life gratitude?

How about this?

“Gratitude, more aware of what you have than what you don’t.

Recognizing the treasure in the simple – a child’s hug, fertile soil, a golden sunset.

Relishing in the comfort of the common – a warm bed, a hot meal, a clean shirt.”

Thank you, Max Lucado, for your wisdom.

Please consider making today a GREART mid-life day, because if you don’t, who will? Carpe diem, jeff 🙂


Do you ever have “Saturday reflections”?

Reflecting on a seemingly insignificant event from last night.

Yesterday, my son and I went to Twistee Treat, a local soft-serve ice cream shop, like we always do every Friday afternoon, on our way home from his school.

“Three fifty-nine!”, Laurena says, as she hands us our “usual”. We go so often, that we no longer have to place our order, and it always costs $3.59.

“Thank you”, we say in unison. Off to the pharmacy drive-through, to drop off my prescription.

We pull up and the pharmacist says, “Where’s my ice-cream?”

He was smiling, joking and having fun with us. I apologized, saying, “It wasn’t fair for us to be enjoying ice-cream in front of you like this.” It was a hot, but breezy, Florida afternoon – perfect ice-cream weather.

He takes my script, says it’ll be ready tomorrow morning, and we pull away in our air-conditioned car.

About five seconds later, I ask my son, “Should we get him an ice cream?” “Sure!”, my son replies.

We drive one block, back to the Twistee Treat drive-thru to get his treat. Moments later, we’re back at the pharmacist’s drive-thru. He opens the tray, I place his goodie bag in it and he starts saying, “No, I can’t. No. I really can’t.”

We ignore his comments, smile and inch away, saying, “Just enjoy it. Please, just enjoy it. See you tomorrow.”

Actions speak louder than words. I hope this seemingly insignificant jesture to make another fellow human being happy, made a positive impression on my son.

I invested $2.14 in my son’s education.

At today’s prices, I’ll take that as money well spent.

Enjoy whatever you typically enjoy on a Saturday. Carpe diem, 🙂


Until further notice…

Until further notice, celebrate everything.” — anonomous

Let the glories of nature energize your body, heal your psyche, and uplift your spirit.” — anonomous

The word “happiness” would lose it’s meaning if it were not balanced by sadness.” — Carl Jung

Make it a great, midlife day, because if you don’t, who will? 🙂