Merry Christmas

What would it take for you to retire at 55?  What would you need in place to allow this to happen?  A website?  A blog?  A CPA?  An attorney?  A business plan?  A board of directors?  An internet storefront?  A company name?  A company structure?  A business account? A logo?  A tag line?  A story?  A brand identity?  Some characters?  Some stories?  A starting point?  How much ramp up time?  What kind of mistakes and lessons would you need, to be successful?  Well guess what?  A year’s work has already been done.  You ready for 2009?  Merry Christmas!

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Food for Families

Do you have traditions that are meaningful and impactful to your children, or younger family members?  Are these traditions focused on service or self?  As an older parent, demostrating service to others is more important to me than talking about it.  What do you think?   Value-based family traditions are critical for providing the example of what a well-spent life encompasses.  I believe a well spent life is a good balance of taking care of our family, our friends, and especially people less fortunate.  Oh yeah, don’t forget to take care of yourself too.  Who gets the first oxygen mask in an airplane emergency?  Exact-a-mundo!

Top 10 List – Money

1.  Do you spend less than you earn?

2.  What is your net worth (assets minus liabilities)?

3.  Do you have a CPA and Attorney?

4.  Do you have a will?

5.  Is your image tied to your possessions?

6.  How much do you donate to charity?

7.  Do you have a passive income source(s)?

8.  How are your investments and assets diversified?

9.  What size is your rainy day fund?

10.  What’s your retirement date, and plan afterwards?