How it began in 1979

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Mid Life Celebration

Ever sit down to write out your life’s purpose, and not stop writing, and re-writing, until you got something that made you cry?

In 1979, after watching a movie of a pregnant, and dying mother making home movies – conversations with her unborn child, I vowed to write a book for my children. You know, the meaning of life and all that.

Over 20 years later, life-savings spent & desperate to become a Father, my wife Cheryl finally got pregnant.

And 30 years later, I hadn’t written a single page…

So in 2009, now with a son (9), I started writing 5 daily blogs about Life’s Big Choices – to leave a trail for him in case something bad ever happened to me.

Apparently, what I want out of life, many people do to.

Historical note: On April Fool’s Day, 2009, what started as a 100-day challenge to write every day, has turned into a four-year journey, 7k posts, and counting.

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