Happy 59th birthday dude

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Happy 59th birthday dude.


Nine years ago you began a 10-year journey to “do everything in life you wanted to do” before your 60th birthday.


A realization that no male on your Dad’s side lived past 60.

Today you turn 59.

This is technically your final Summer.

Are you afraid?


Will you probably live past 60?


But nine years ago, and like today and tomorrow, you know no guarantee is ever granted anyone.

The greatest benefit in pursuing your weird and unconventional goal?

Eliminating shoulda, woulda, and coulda from your vocabulary.

And learning how to respect, live, and enjoy peace and contentment.


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Your time is limited

Steve Jobs book
Sent this photo to an executive yesterday, after he sent me a “top 10” Steve Jobs’ article.


Your time is limited.

Accept this.

Focus on it.

Let it set you on fire, since we can most likely assume life has been holding you back from being on fire.

Live like you mean it. Live like your days are numbered.

Because they are.

If you really want to live without regret, the best time to start was 10 years ago. Since that didn’t happen, the second best time was a year ago. Since that didn’t happen, yesterday would have been better than today, but today is all you have.

It’s. All. You. Have. Right. Now.

Stop letting “now” slip away every day.


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This website is about our MIND. To read posts about our BODY, click here.


The most exhilarating exercise in joyful, lean living

Walt Disney World Map
This run two days ago was stunningly joyful.


When we are not busy living each day, we are busy dying each day. Either way it happens a day at a time.

If you aren’t preparing to die, you are failing at living well.

Most things have two fundamental choices.

  1. Do it or don’t do it.
  2. Believe it or don’t believe it.

Having our affairs in order is the most exhilarating exercise in joyful, lean living.

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Will this day become memorable?

Age and youth collide


(photo: Not quite four, not quite 89. One learned to walk in the past couple years. For the other it’s impossible.)

A steady dose of, “Who cares?”

January 5, 2015. Will this day be remembered on April 15, 2015?

You know, the early morning part of saying goodbye to aging parents, the rental car return, the non-stop flight to Walt Disney World, the temperature change, the home inspection after being gone for 10 days?

Will the observations, conversations, fun, food, concerns, insights – will any of these matter in 100 days?

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Is attitude everything?


What is striking in this guy’s story, is how palpable his passion is for the ocean.

Are you still insanely passionate about something in your life?

What are you passionate about?

When was the last time it turned you on?

Your passion becomes your art to the world.

Share it generously.

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