We can not teach others

Disney Keynote Speakers
You give yourself an A+ for creating your own learning environment, right?


We can not teach others until we learn to teach ourselves.

Where would we be without failure?

And teachers?

Who is your best teacher?

(Heads up, it’s a trick question.)

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There’s no school for what you need to learn

There’s no school for what i need to learn. No book i can follow with step-by-step instructions.

i believe this is the main reason the journey is so long, grueling, and scary uncertain.

The possibly of being the captain of my own ship compels me to pursue what i am certain will also be a rewarding journey.




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Eventually time runs out

Disney University Building
A recent run from home.


You can read, listen to podcasts, attend classes, or find mentors to help you discover your life’s purpose.

Or you could get real and do a simple exercise.

Don’t know your purpose? Start with a blank page, “God put me here to…”.

Don’t stop writing until what you read makes you cry.

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Excuse whisperer or battle cry?

Hollywood Anderson American Idol audition
There’s an incredible story under the surface.


How many people has the guy on the left tried to help? And how many have bit the hand that fed them?

We learn so much from our mistakes, it’s tempting to keep making them.

You caught that, right?

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