Hey there South America, c-ya real soon

  Hey there South America, c-ya real soon. Flew out Sunday night. Arrived Monday morning. Hotel by 11am. Meeting at 3pm. Dinner at 7pm. Up at 5am Tuesday. Spoke 1030-1130am. TV interview. Private interview. Pack for 6pm departure. Lunch at 2pm. Nap 400-500pm. Hotel taxi to airport at 530pm. Wheels up (see photo above) at 950pm. Arrive Orlando […]

When the student is mentally ready

  When the student is ready the teacher will appear. Are you ready? This is classic wisdom: “You can’t control what happens to you, only how you respond.”   My five daily, differently-themed blog posts all carry this wise approach to life. We think (MidLifeCelebration.com). We move (Lane8.org). We feel (JeffNoel.org). We work (JungleJeff.net). We […]