Hey there South America, c-ya real soon

  Hey there South America, c-ya real soon. Flew out Sunday night. Arrived Monday morning. Hotel by 11am. Meeting at 3pm. Dinner at 7pm. Up at 5am Tuesday. Spoke 1030-1130am. TV interview. Private interview. Pack for 6pm departure. Lunch at 2pm. Nap 400-500pm. Hotel taxi to airport at 530pm. Wheels up (see photo above) at 950pm. Arrive Orlando […]

It’s only gonna get better for these Disney Keynote Speakers

  The barrier i broke a few minutes ago feels triumphant. Today’s thread will talk about it. Here’s the email that accompanied the four-minute private, not-for-public video clip our son created last night. Ben, good morning. Our son (18) put this together last night from a few speeches that i’ve only just begun to have […]

The best Disney keynote speaker you’ve never heard of

The best Disney Keynote Speaker you’ve never heard of. When you are a solo entrepreneur a few of the many hats you wear is Marketing Director and Creative Director. The first sentence in this post is a creative brainstorm effort to establish some Marketing soundbites. And so it goes. Keep moving forward. Launch, learn, revise. […]

Discipline is essential, but it’s not the key

  Discipline is essential, but it’s not the key.   Here it is unpacked…   Yesterday morning the coach said, “You know what i’m insanely great at?” The CEO asked, “What?” “Discipline”, the coach exclaimed. The CEO laughed and said, “Absolutely.” Much later that day, as i crawled into bed i thought, “It isn’t discipline […]

But there is one more thing

<span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span>   But there is one more thing. Show, don’t tell. Use story to “show” what you are telling. Facts and theories stick better when revealed through story. i can tell you our son is a risk taker, or i can share with you, one […]