Addicted to Thankfulness?

It is extraordinarily uncommon to be fully conscious and in the moment all day, every day.

Why?  No seriously, why?

If being thankful is such a blessing, why do we spend so little time doing it?  Perhaps the same can be said for being healthy.

If being healthy is such a blessing, why do we spend so little time getting and staying healthy?

I think it’s because we over commit, over schedule, and, under plan. There’s a saying, “Failure to plan is planning to fail.”

I’m addicted to thankfulness.  Grateful for the ability to think about issues like this. Excited to have daily challenges. Encouraged by slow and steady progress toward reconciliation.

Yes indeed, thankfulness is a drug. Don’t forget to take your medicine.

Mid Life Drug Confession?

Is Andre Agassi in midlife celebration mode?  Maybe.

About a week ago, in a rare moment (watching TV), I saw Katie Couric interview Andre Agassi on 60 Minutes.

Okay, so one of the greatest American Tennis stars had a drug problem. And no one knew about it.

And to top it off, the number one Tennis player in the world hated Tennis. And no one knew about that either. How is that possible?

Whatever and however Andre Agassi’s story played out, it’s being told now in his new book, “Open“.

Andre Agassi is 39 years old.  A perfect age to in a mid life celebration. Do you think Andre is thankful?  I mean, how could you not be thankful that you’ve had a mid life drug confession?

Maybe he has a new drug.  A drug called thankfulness.

Click here if you want to read the Times online article.

Midlife Weekend Warrior

Saturday.  Finally.  “Thought it would never get here”, people exclaim. Can you relate?

We see it over and over and over, don’t we:

  • “Can’t wait for the weekend”.
  • “Thought the weekend would never get here”.
  • “The week is finally over”.
  • “The week was hell”.

If we are truly thankful for our midlife situation, wouldn’t it sound more like this?:

  • “Can’t wait to get started again on Monday”.
  • “The week flew by”.
  • “Wish I had one more day before Saturday”.
  • “That was the best week of my life”.

All I’m trying to say is thankfulness places a whole new perspective on how we see the world and our place in it. But you already know that, right?

Busy Midlife Slacker?

Being busy at midlife can have a profoundly different meaning, if you are willing to be thankful, and open-minded.  Many things can, and do, overwhelm us. Right?

Laughing can be good medicine in managing (not eliminating) stress. And just the other day, a friend and I were reminiscing about some funny moments in our lives that illustrate how we’ve dealt with stress.

Perhaps seven years ago, when our son was two, while Family was staying with us for the year-end holidays, I was on the floor with our son.  We weren’t doing anything important.  Just hanging out really.

The phone rings and I don’t flinch a muscle.  One of the visiting family members was in their 70’s.  They were taught, when the phone rings, you answer it – it’s the lifeline to the world.

They said, “Aren’t you going to answer the phone?”

“No, I’m busy”, I replied sincerely.

“But you aren’t doing anything”, they challenged.

“That’s right.  I’m busy doing nothing”, I said, smiling, staring at my son.

Sometimes, being a midlife slacker can be the most important part of your day.

Mid Life Dentist Celebration

Mid Life dental appointments. Heading to my third one this year. Mid Life Celebration to be sure.

Insurance pays for two.

Instead of going every six months, I made a conscious choice to go every four months.  The third visit is out of pocket.

Why do that?  For Less than $100 I can increase my “annual dental cleanliness” by 50%.

Few expenditures render such high returns.  Plus, who doesn’t love their teeth?  Thankful for teeth, the extra $100 to spend, and a healthy midlife strategy.